Late Sri Vislavath Lalu Naik

One Uneducated Man’s Dream To Educate Every Citizen

His Son, Sri Vislavath Raju Naik, Carried Forward This Dream By Setting Up Reading Rooms & Libraries

The main objectives of this centre are to educate the needy and marginal communities, mainly the young. In villages, most of the houses do not even have proper light and reading space. This centre helps in providing adequate space and creates an academic atmosphere. It also helps young to develop their reading and writing skills by providing required books etc. It helps in giving space for reading, and they can again borrow the books from the centre. Reading tasks is one skill that most students require. Reading and writing play the most crucial role in anybody’s life. If rural children do not develop reading habits, they are away from the truth and forced to believe in myths. Moreover, they do not become independent thinkers. Therefore the Centre organizes monthly talks on developing life skills. 

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